WARNING! This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Stig Pods Lush Ice is the perfect disposable pod system for those of you with a sweet tooth you can’t seem to kick. Enjoy how you choose to smoke and do it without any worries whatsoever with these Stig Pods.

VGod Lush Ice disposable pod system will surely become your favorite. A disposable pod system that is available in five different flavors. This pod system is good for about 270 puffs and gives you 60mg of nicotine. This pod device is lightweight and comes with three disposable pods filled with 1.2ml of salt nic.

Making its entrance into the pod-based market, VGOD shares yet another thrilling device that is the solution to many problems. The VGOD brand is known for producing extraordinary devices that feature incredible quality and appeal, and even more known for their ability to perform. While it has been perceived as a brand that’s catering strictly to those who prefer advanced equipment, the brand has scaled back a bit to create a pod-based device that offers a sleek and slender shape, while maintaining a disposable design.

Stig Pods Lush Ice
Stig Lush Ice Vape Pod is the best disposable salt nicotine mod on the market. With the taste of watermelon with underlying notes of menthol will have your taste buds going wild from the first puff you take until the last puff

As you inhale Stig Pods Lush Ice salt nicotine juice, the taste of freshly sliced watermelon will flood your taste buds as if you just took a bite out of a piece. This flavor is so accurate that you will see stars from your first puff until your last. As you exhale, the menthol base combines with the watermelon to create a flavor so unlike anything you’ve ever tasted that you will. Stig Pods Lush Ice is the perfect mixture of watermelon and menthol that will have your taste buds going haywire from your first inhale to your last.

With these Stig Pods, you won’t have to worry about charging it and losing the charger, because it holds its battery for the life of the juice inside. Once you’re done you just dispose of it and move onto your next one. These pods have 60mg of nicotine in them so you won’t have to worry about not getting your nicotine fix either. With every Stig, you have 270 puffs and with each pack, you will get 3 of the pods. This mod also has an auto-draw so there is no button to press or settings you will have to worry about.


  • 1.2ml of Pre-Filled salt nic with each pod
  • 270 puffs Per Stig
  • 60mg of Salt Nicotine
  • Draw Activated
  • Disposable
  • Weighs almost nothing

3 Disposable VGOD Lush Ice Pods / Pack

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