WARNING! This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Pink Haze 50:50 – Pukka Juice a unique mix of sweet fruits with a hint of citrus.

Pukka’s 50:50 range of 20 flavor is perfect for those wanting to quit smoking or vape regularly. With balanced ingredients to suit all device types while being available in unique pukka flavors and our take on classic e-liquid flavors, you’ll find the perfect juice in our 50/50 range.

Pink Haze 50:50 – Pukka Juice Features:
10ml Bottle
Free Base Formula
Suitable for Pod Systems or MTL low wattage devices.
Made in the UK
What is 50:50 E-Liquid?
50/50 e-liquid range is a collection of e liquids which finely balance propylene glycol with vegetable glycerin. These two indispensable compounds make up the base for many e liquids. Propylene glycol is responsible for carrying the flavor and nicotine, whilst vegetable glycerin thickens the juice and garners larger vape clouds. A balance of the two then gives you the best of both worlds.

Why Use 50:50 Range of E-Liquid?
Going 50/50 gives you the perfect balance of flavor and vape cloud.
E-Liquids are specially designed to heighten the flavor of your vape juice, which is why they have such a variety of flavors.
Furthermore, the balance and choice of nicotine concentrations mean that they are perfect for any type of vape device.
Has lower nicotine strength options than Nicotine Salt
Has a throat hit that satisfies the heaviest smoker.
Its ideal to quit smoking
About Pukka Juice
Since 2016, Pukka have been creating authentic fruit blends that have won numerous awards, gained dedicated fans all over the world and held their place as some of the best all-day-vaping juices around. With their specially selected range of unique flavor blends and popular e-liquid types, Pukka have the perfectly refreshing juice for every style of vaper.

Pukka is an award winning brand with award winning flavors!

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