WARNING! This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Cigara by eCigara is a satisfying fresh taste of classic cubano. The natural process of drying cubano gives tannins that manifests in natural warm cubano aromas used to making Cigara.

The flavor is closest as it can get to purest cubano flavor. If you are an ex-smoker trying to quit smoking, then this e juice supplies are surely what they need. It makes a wonderful alternative to cigarettes.

Cigara by eCigara Features:
60ml Bottle
3MG, 9mg, 15MG
Made in the USA
About eCigara
Ecigara is a top-tier wholesale supplier of e-liquids and disposable devices. As premium e-juice wholesalers, we proudly source our ingredients from the most reputable sources available on the market, while continuing to adapt to consumer needs and FDA regulations.

We maintain a clear understanding of the growing needs of vapers and retailers, placing increasing focus on our consumer-direct products as the future of vaping.

E-liquids with attractive flavours have proved to be highly effective for people willing to shun cubano smoking. And our product range would entice you to move away from the boring same nicotine flavoured vaping.

At Ecigara, we deliver the best vape juice to make your customers’ experience great!

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